How to Shoot LEGO in “Space”

Space– the final frontier. Not only for toy photography but within reason, we can take some bricks or figures almost anywhere on the planet to take pictures. Not everyone has millions of dollars to build real rockets and go to space. So if we want to take LEGO to (outer) space, we have to fake…

Artist Spotlight: priovit70

As it happens every month, we pick a LEGO photographer active in our community and share some of their work and a little about themselves. This month we moved to Italy to meet priovit70, aka Luigi, and his pictures!

Filling the void

The story of an astronaut on a mission to an unknown planet who will find himself face to face with the immensity of a void to fill.

Review: Mickey and Friends Wave

Mickey and Friends wave provides an interesting play value along with some cool collectable character and even rare ones.