Filling the void

“Life isn’t about having a thousand friends. It’s about finding the very few right ones you need”

A.R. Asher

The 31107: Space Rover Explorer is a 3-in-1 set with a great personality and very nice looking alternatives.
At £44.99 / $39.99 / 49.99€ price tag it offers three official alternative models and all of them could have been sold as standalone set because their look is very appealing.

Today I would like to tell you my story, inspired by the three buildable models, which tells of an astronaut on a mission to an unknown planet, finding himself face to face with the immensity of a void to fill.

The Story

The ship was travelling fast across the stars with its only passenger, a lonely colonist, towards the planet where was previously installed a small space station.
Once located a suitable landing spot between the unfriendly rocks, the pilot started slowly the descent.
The space station was close to the landing spot and from the distance, the man could see the small place that he would have called home for quite some time.
It was not long before the man realized that no one paid attention to his speeches and that plants were the only drinking companions.
One of his favorite hobbies was to go up to the roof of the space station and observe the strange phenomena that that alien planet gave him every day.
One day he decided he had had enough of living with that loneliness. He took his equipment and greeted the house before adventuring in a trip into the unknown.
He got on the rover and headed to a random spot in that rocky desert, hoping to find something that could help make his days more interesting.
After a few hours of wandering he noticed movements behind a group of rocks. He approached slowly with the rover, shedding light on what appeared to be shrubs. The truth was that he had just stumbled upon the first alien life form on that planet.
Excited, but also intimidated, he decided to send a small robot to explore. The alien, which he named “Green Tentacle”, immediately showed himself intrigued by that strange encounter and in a few minutes his peaceful and friendly nature emerged.
The man thus decided to show the alien where he lived. Once back at the space station, Green Tentacle curiously explored that strange “rock” and was attracted by the water supply. Then the man handed the container to his guest, took his cup and, toasting the new friendship, said “Cheers Green Tentacle, my name is Bernard”.

Jump to lightspeed

I would like to share with you a small technique I’ve used for the star trail. It’s nothing new, but I share it anyway.

I took a large piece of cardboard and made several random holes with an awl.

Then I set it up as a background and placed some lights behind it. Once the spaceship was positioned, the only thing left to do was to lower the shutter speed and move the cardboard toward the right.

And here is the creation of the star trail.

Chewie, hit the hyperdrive!

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