Review: LEGO® Minifigures Series 26 Space 71046

Ah, space! Where everything is dark, quiet and wait but wait! What is this? An alien? An alien dog? It’s the new Minifigure series! MuMuBrix and Brickanywhere review CMF Series 26.

Disclaimer: The set was provided by LEGO to BrickCentral for a photoshoot but all opinions are the author’s own.

Space Walking Astronaut

The minifigure of an astronaut spacewalking has appeared in many sets before, but the definitive version has arrived in this CMF series. It features an astronaut maneuvering unit made up of tiny bricks, with the space series logo printed on its back and right arm. Removing the helmet reveals her cute face.

Blacktron Mutant

Blacktron, which appeared in the space series in the 1980s, has been transformed into a mutant and appeared in the CMF series.

Surprisingly, half of its body has mutated, with two hands growing from the right side of its body, allowing it to hold guns in both hands. The bodysuit follows the design of Blacktron’s spacesuit. The mutant’s body harmonizes with the green of the Blacktron logo. The headpiece has a stern expression.

Ice Planet Explorer

An explorer equipped with essential gear for exploring the Ice Planet appears in the minifigure series. The helmet and gear are designed to withstand heavy snow, and the handheld saw can crush ice obstacles blocking the way.

Additionally, a penguin-shaped robot is included as a travel companion. Removing the helmet reveals a cute female face with short red hair. By the way, Ice Planet is a subtheme that appeared in the space series in the 1990s.

Alien Tourist

He’s an alien photographer, wearing a hat and carrying a camera with a backpack. His colorful outfit suggests he’s on vacation, and you can tell from the print on his chest that he loves Earth! His leg parts are non-articulated short legs. He might be a child of the Classic Alien that appeared in the CMF series 6.


An alien with a shining purple body holding a large shield with the emblem of Orion. He also carries a club in his hand. Whether he is a reincarnation of Orion or an alien who has transformed out of admiration for the Orion legend is up to your imagination. He bears a resemblance to the Night Protector with Bonus Blue Cape from Series 22.

Flying Saucer Costume Fan

The minifigure is covered by a clear helmet with a green smiling face, resembling a UFO. The costume is predominantly black, with galaxy patterns printed on the legs and torso, and the Earth printed on the back.


This minifigure has an alternate face which is so unique and fun! It comes with 2 alien mini aliens and a removable head antennae accessory. It looks just like your regular friendly coworker or neighbor but don’t get fooled!

Robot Butler

This is a retro-type robot that reminds me of Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit. This minifigure comes with a pan, batter, and a wire whisk. I really love the pastel palette for the torso details.

Alien Beetlezoid

This minifigure is really interesting to me because of the head mold and the beetle wings. The legs are not your usual legs as well. The head is also somewhat translucent. For me, this is the most special of the bunch. It comes with purple berries!

Retro Space Heroine

And we have my favorite minifigure of this series. I love the retro colors, design, and overall superhero feel with a space dog sidekick! The skirt is an extra piece btw. All she needs is a retro spaceship and maybe her friend from the series 17!

Nurse Android

And this is an aaaaaw moment. Look at the Pink baby astronaut. I love the details on Nurse Android, the blue translucent arms, the battery print, and the futuristic medic feel of the whole minifigure. There is also a socket print on the back of her head if you remove her head accessory.

M-Tron Powerlifter

M-Tron is for me has the coolest gear in this series, why? Because he has an alternate face that looks like a screen and shows how much battery is left in his gear or tank or whatnot. There are a lot of story and photography possibilities with this figure. It’s very space-industrial!


Angel: There are 12 LEGO minifigures to collect and are available now. These come in a blind bag that I am personally not a fan of. These retail at $4.99/£3.49/3,99€. I love SPACE and these minifigures add to the storyline. I love that some of the minifigures have alternate heads to give more power to the storytelling and play.

Masayuki: I like this series. Some of the minifigures are inspired by the past space series, but there are new parts and minifigures. As for the blind bags…

The Exclusive Shot and BTS

Here are some BTS of the shots from both me and Masayuki!

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