Review: LEGO DreamZzz Dream Village 40657

Fantasy has always been a favorite genre of mine, so when I saw the Dream Village set from the LEGO DreamZzz, I knew I had to get it.

The set is comprised of 3 builds– a magic shop, a bakery, and a blacksmith– that you can also combine into one bigger model. The DreamZzz theme, if you’re unaware, offers builders different ways to assemble the models. I chose to have 3 separate buildings because they are too adorable.

The Magic Shop

My favorite is the magic shop. I absolutely love the colors, shape, and design. The door and roof are the most appealing but I also appreciate the windows decorated with potions.

LEGO magic shop
Magic shop with Dreamling wizard

Stickers, of course, but I really don’t mind. I know I’ll reuse these windows in a MOC later.

LEGO windows with potions
Windows with stickers of potions

The magic shop is one half of a building with an open back like the other 2 models in the set. I’m tempted to get another copy of Dream Village so I can have at least a complete magic shop to add to my medieval village.

The Bakery

The other cute building is the bakery with its bent chimney and windmill. The round tiles on the roof are similar to the design on the roof of the magic shop, so these two buildings look cohesive.


On the second level, there’s a tiny room with a bed for the Dreamling baker to sleep in.

This model seems easier to modify with a few basic bricks to completely close the back, unlike the magic shop which will also need the other half of the roof built.

The Blacksmith’s Workshop

The third building in the set is the blacksmith’s workshop which doesn’t have any of the charm of the first two buildings. It’s rather uninspired so this will immediately be parted out after this review.

Small LEGO blacksmith model
Blacksmith’s workshop

The Dreamling in this shop has the same hair and beard as the blacksmith in the spectacular Medieval Blacksmith 21325 set, so I like to think they’re the same person.


Dream Village comes with one minifig and 3 Dreamlings– odd little characters that are new to the LEGO system entirely.

Dreamling baker, wizard, and blacksmith
Dreamling baker, wizard, and blacksmith

These ones are light aqua like the Night Protector from CMF Series 22, but there are black and white ones in the DreamZzz theme too.

Un-accesssorized Dreamlings greeting the Night Protector

Dreamlings have regular-sized minifig heads and are all the same print without the beards and hats. The heads are decorated on both sides with gold dots, but only one side has a face. Their arms can hold standard accessories– although not the Night Protector’s shield– and they fit over one stud.

I can’t say I like this new kind of figure very much but I’m looking forward to seeing how creative builders NPU this in their MOCs.

The standard Minifigure is Jayden in light purple pajamas and a headgear. We’ve seen the headgear before and frankly, Nancy from The Ninjago Movie sets wore it better.

Headgeared minifigs

It’s a weird headgear, too, with the straps going diagonally up the face instead of to the back. It’s likely because of a pad printing limitation as you can see the headgear on Nancy’s head just cuts off, but it’s still weird.

This minifig isn’t particularly interesting to me but you know what would have made it just a little bit? A crown and cape like he has in the animated series (also a straighter headgear and freckles).

Jayden in the DreamZzz animated series

The Verdict

At $29.99, I think this is a good value set. Two of the buildings are really cute, but I’d much rather have those be complete models than include the third weak blacksmith model and any of the characters. However, if you like those Dreamlings, you could army build with a couple of Dream Village sets.

Dream Village 40657 is available as a LEGO exclusive right now.

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