Review : The Alpine Lodge 10325

The end of summer is near and it’s time for Lego to present its annual seasonal set…a set that already heralds the end of year holidays. I couldn’t wait to have it in my hands as I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. I was also curious to see if we were moving towards a set that could complement the previous ones, thus forming the basis of a winter village.

Put on your biggest coat and join me on the snowmobile, I’ll take you to the Alps

Disclaimer: The LEGO Group sent this set to me via BrickCentral for a photo shoot but I also did a review on it, all opinions of which are my own.

The interior

The interior of the chalet is very succinct. On the ground floor, you will find a dining area, a large fireplace, and a reception area. A space is provided to place a tree. We stay basic and refined. The fireplace seems to be the main element of the room due to its size. A few reddish brown arches end up giving a wooden frame side typical of alpine chalets.

On the first floor, we find a bedroom with 2 beds and access to the balcony. The chimney flue is also present with a window to give the effect of a fireplace fire even in the bedrooms.

Here again we find arches, a very pretty picture, but also Christmas decorations around the windows.

There is a second floor under the roof without windows. The space is cramped with the presence here also of a bed. The idea of the bedroom under the roof is good but it is a space that we quickly forget due to its size.

The exterior

The exterior of the set is much more worked and well-equipped. We will regret the absence of real big trees. The trees present are cleverly made but really too small compared to the size of the chalet.

I really got hooked on the chalet sign. The design is really pretty, the accumulation of snow is well thought out, and the festive touch gives a really coherent whole.

The overall design of the chalet is very good. The stone base with some masonry bricks is coherent. It joins the fireplace column which is made in the same way. I also liked the little wood shed, the arch above the door, and the recesses simulating wooden beams.

The second floor is made entirely of wooden logs with the most beautiful effect. This is really the big success of the set in my opinion. We also find a large balcony (perhaps too large in fact) but consistent overall. The chimney is equipped with a light brick in its flue, a light brick that is activated by pressing on the chimney cap.

The chalet is accompanied by 2 sets. A dry toilet area and a frozen lake area transformed into an ice rink. The toilet is excellent, it was perhaps the first thing I wanted to install because it had piqued my curiosity. The ice rink is built on a small frozen lake equipped with a pontoon.

The minifigures

The first thing to note is the absence of Santa Claus in this set but we still have 5 figurines, 4 adults and 1 child. An ethereal composition with an elderly couple (I imagine the owners of the lodge) and a family of 3.

On the novelty side, only 1 new torso with a beautiful wool vest for the grandmother.

You will have understood, nothing extraordinary but the composition is good.

Behind The Scenes

To take this photo, I equipped myself with a polystyrene board covered with baking soda, a few trees from a Christmas decoration, and a little moss. The reliefs on the plate are also made of polystyrene.
From an equipment point of view, I brought along a facial mister, lighting for the interior of the chalet, and a small LED panel covered with a silicone diffuser.

I made sure to position myself in front of a white wall which helped me a lot to simulate a winter landscape. I lit the interior of the chalet and positioned my LED panel on the left of the stage to have side lighting simulating the moon.

I photographed at a very low speed and released steam with the facial mister in front of the chalet. This is how I managed to obtain these light beams coming from the window and the door giving the effect of the start of a winter blizzard.


To conclude I would say that overall I am left wanting more because the ideas are good but would have needed to be explored in more depth. We are not in the presence of a “Christmas” set strictly speaking in my opinion but a winter set, the presence of decorations and a tree will not change anything. But the set will be an ideal companion in the composition of a winter village (to put under the tree for example).

However, I think we are looking at a set with good value for money.

Alpine Lodge 10325 is available for purchase on October 4, 2023 for €99.99/$99.99

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