Using Humor in LEGO Toy Photography

This month we talk together about how to make a photograph more joyful. Our goal will be to make people who look at our photographs smile and brighten their days.

There are different types of humor depending on the people we are talking to, whether it is our family, our friends, work colleagues or even strangers, we are not going to use the same humor. We can laugh at everyone, but not with everyone.

These differences are due to the difference in age, the personality of each, the culture, etc. you have to know how to adapt to your audience.

Let’s look together now at how we can bring humor and joy into our Lego photographs.

Suits Guys

Lego has many suits for minifigures, food or animals. With costumes, it is very easy to immediately add cheerfulness to our photography.

I selected the dog suit guy because it is an animal full of the joy of life and which brings happiness on a daily basis. I then thought about different stagings, but also thinking about the life of a dog and what can surround it (bone, doghouse, toy, etc.).

To accompany my dog ​​I built a doghouse with a bone on it. It is not always enough to photograph a minifigure alone to bring fun, it is always good to accompany your minifigure with small constructions.

First picture: Bones appétit

We all know dogs love bones, so what do you think of a skeleton running away with its meal?

Second picture: Dog sitter

After sleeping and eating all the kibble, dogs spend a lot of their time playing with other friends.

Third picture: King Cat

But wait, isn’t that a dog? Looks like the cat has taken over the doghouse. The dog and the cat are best friends.

Pranks and Jokes

April 1st is approaching, and it’s joke day. In life, what I like is to make those around me laugh, to play pranks and jokes on them, and even more that day. What friends can claim to be good friends if they can’t crack a good prank once in a while? Pranking people around you is a great way to relax and show them you appreciate them, too.

First picture: The Mariachi lullaby

We find a group of Mariachis who are preparing to wake up a member of the group who has fallen asleep. Will the song wake him up or will it be a wonderful lullaby for him?

Second picture: Cactus

In a Western town, you always have a sheriff and today it looks like he’s decided to make everyone laugh with his cactus costume and his flower-shaped sheriff’s star. Do you really think the thieves won’t laugh at him?

Details, accessories, and mixtures of universes

To make a moment funny we can add an element that will jump out and make the situation immediately funny. This element may be disproportionate or unexpected. The effect will be that it will surprise those who look at our photograph and their eye will be captivated by this element.

Another method of surprising our audience is to add an element, such as a prop that has nothing to do with the expected scene. This accessory could have stood the test of time, or have been invented earlier than expected, or not used as expected.

First picture: The X marks

Here I present an example of a disproportionate and at the same time surprising element, it is rather rare that pirate treasures are indicated with a red cross both on a map and at the location of the treasure.

Second picture: The candy vendors

Did you really think there were candy vendors on the serviced beaches of the Caribbean? Here is an example of temporal blending.

Third picture: Metal detector

One of the favorite occupations of pirates was to search for hidden treasures. Wouldn’t it have been easier with a metal detector?

Clumsiness and thoughtlessness

I would like to talk about the unexpected events that can happen in life and that make us all laugh. It’s a very stupid reflex and you can’t hold back when you see someone in front of you having an ordinary fall in the street.

For example, he will have slipped on ice, accidentally caught a pole, or even missed a stair step.

Despite all the sympathy we may have for the person who falls, we cannot help but smile. We are all one day this person who will fall by clumsiness or have this moment of inattention.

In my photography, we find this absurd humor. This pastry chef who missed a step and dropped the wedding cake. The bride and groom are surprised but accept it, after all, they will remember it all their lives.

Happy ending

Humor and photography are very similar. It is an art that is not easy to master, it is a state of mind, a way of communicating, and above all a means of expression. We all have different senses of humor and we can’t laugh at everything with everyone.

A day without laughter is a day wasted

Charlie Chaplin

I hope these tips will be useful for your next photos!

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