The Cycles of Life

Technology has brought us many benefits, but it has disconnected us from nature, country life and awareness of the origin of our food and products. Seeking to resume this relationship, many people are rethinking their modes of consumption and production and seeking to reconnect with the great cycle of life, because just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, living beings also have their birth cycles , growth and decay.

Observing nature, one learns that plants need nutrients and water to develop, animals need food, also human beings, our children, need to be nurtured and educated to know their roles in the world and to know that they are part of the great cycle of life. Children are better able to learn this when they themselves come into contact with plants and animals, perceiving in them the cycle of birth and growth.

Thus, the children learn that the relationship between men and animals must seek as much as possible to respect animal dignity and seek to make the most of what they can offer us without sacrificing it in vain. However, if the food option involves their death, let it be done with the least amount of suffering and the utmost respect.

The law of cycles teaches us that death is inevitable and that it is necessary to remove the dry leaves for the plants to develop stronger. Those same dry leaves, as well as organic waste, become fertilizer and the substrate for new lives to grow, a cycle that invites us to deep philosophical reflections.

Social man also has his cycles. Complex society has made people connected to each other, food produced in the countryside must reach people in cities. Independent fairs are good places for the producer to sell fresh food, which will help in the health and longevity of other people.

On the other hand, the producer will receive payment for his work, money needed to be able to buy what he does not produce on his own, but which he needs, demonstrating the economic cycle of wealth circulation.

At the end of the working day, when night falls, it is time to rest. Pause and rest are essential stages of life cycles and for starting the journey anew.

So it will be until the end of each of our lives. When he arrives, may we have the satisfaction of having done a good job for nature and for other people. Thus we will be ready for the sunset in the west of life, but with the certainty of the resurgence in the eternal east of our accomplished works. After all, everything is cycles.

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