Review: Indiana Jones Temple of the Golden Idol 77015

Grab your hat, your whip and let’s go on an adventure with Indiana Jones the famous professor of archeology in search of legendary artifacts and relics.

The Indiana Jones range appeared at Lego in 2008/2009 with several sets which took up legendary scenes from Steven Spielberg’s 4 films.

This new set features the first minutes of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. We find our hero in an ancient temple in the heart of the jungle where he is about to get his hands on a Chachapoyan idol. To recover this idol he will have to escape a series of very ingenious and deadly traps.

The minifigures

The set features four minifigures, Indiana Jones, Satipo, Rene Belloq and a Hovitos warrior.

The archaeologist professor is wearing his famous hat, it’s a brand new piece, it’s similar to Woody’s hat (Toy Story) or Rex’s (The Lego Movie 2). The figurine is rather well done with a well-detailed torso and pants. It also has a whip and a small shoulder bag. His head has a double face, on one side a small classic smile and on the other side, his face is covered with spider web.

Satipo, his assistant in crossing the ancient temple wears a shirt over a t-shirt. His head has a double face, on one side a rather surprised face and on the other side, his face is surely scared at the sight of the two tarantulas present in his back.

Rene Belloq, the archaeologist and designer of Indiana Jones, dressed in a beige shirt, no doubt the latter hot, the presence of sweat is proof.

Hovitos Warrior, who came to assist Rene to steal the idol, wears a loincloth and has war paintings from the torso to the face.

The temple

The construction of the temple is divided into three blocks that you can assemble at the end. You can therefore share the construction with several people. Each part represents a moment in the film with its pitfalls.

Entrance and spiders

The entrance to the temple is represented by a small arch in the middle of the jungle and its invasive vegetation. There are no new plants or new colors. Before entering the temple we can see a skull carved into the rock, we can find many throughout the progression in the temple.

We are inside, we cross webs, and spiders fall on us, but nothing to fear, Indiana is there to get rid of them. A skeleton can be seen in the background, that of a competing archaeologist who failed to escape the traps of the temple.

In this corridor, above our head, a huge stone carved in the shape of a ball, which will detach and rush at our hero when he wants to leave the temple with the idol. The mechanism is extremely well made and is very easy to put back in place.

The bottomless hole

Before arriving at the last room we will have to cross a huge hole. But nothing stops Professor Jones, using his whip he easily grabs the branch and will swing to the other side. In this room, the decoration has been invaded by roots and lianas.

The branch that Indiana and Satipo will cling to has a very simple mechanism that will allow you to swing them. This block has a second mechanism, this one will be used to close a door. In the film, the door closes gradually after the idol has been recovered.

The film

It is before our eyes, placed on its display. But are there still traps before you can recover it? The walls of the room are decorated with many statues, they were built with coins or they are simple tiles with stickers.

To reach the idol there are two steps with cobblestones, in the film these are trapped. Here it will be up to us to activity the mechanism which on one side will allow us to lower the idol, during its descent a light will light up (Brick light) and on the other side the mechanism will cause a huge statue to fall carved.

Now is the time to escape the cursed temple with the idol Chachapoyan.


The temple is very successful as a whole and has a beautiful range of colors, I appreciate the mixture of sand green and dark turquoise to create beautiful frescoes. The atmosphere of an old temple is present thanks to the many statues of heads or skulls, the vines, and the roots that invade it. The construction experience is interesting, I had a lot of fun assembling the mechanisms which brings a real plus to the whole.

This set will be a nice model to display on your shelves and the mechanisms will delight young and old alike. It is very easy to replay the mythical scenes of the first movie.

The figurines are relatively simple but have a nice finish. In the set released in 2008, Lego had included the plane with which Indiana fled, would it have been interesting to find it again? I do not think so.

I attribute the note of 8/10 to this temple.

Temple of the Golden Idol 77015 will be available April 1 2023 for 149,99 € and $149.99.

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