LEGOLAND NINJAGO World 40429 Review

LEGO sent me one of these exclusive LEGOLAND NINJAGO World sets to review and being a huge fan of minifigures, I went straight for those before putting any bricks together.

First of all, look at how adorable these kids’ faces are! I can’t find any entries for them in other sets so these must be new for 2020 (please comment below if I’m wrong). UPDATE: I just spotted the girl’s head in the upcoming Halloween Hayride 40423.

LEGO’s been putting out a few non-freckled kid faces out lately but these are easily my favorites. Two teef!

Both heads are double-sided with a happy expression and a surprised one.

The little boy is the set exclusive with the green Lloyd torso. The torso on the little girl can be found in the People Pack – Fun Fair 60234 and Tuning Workshop 60258 sets we reviewed.

The pigtails in black can be found in only two Chinese themed sets so far — Chinese New Year Temple Fair 80105 and Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner 80101 — so this is a great piece to have.

The LEGOLAND staff has a torso that is exclusive to the LEGOLAND theme. Apart from this set, it appears in the large LEGOLAND 40346 set.

His face is the same as the one on the UK exclusive Lester 40308, as well as minifigures from the Dragon Boat Race and Dragon Dance sets.

The mom has the same head as *groan* Rooky Partnur in the Police Helicopter Transport 60244 set and the female diver in the Ocean Exploration Base 60265.

It’s single-sided but I’m partial to lopsided smiles so this is a welcome addition to my collection.

Her purple torso is also on the grandmother in the People Pack – Fun Fair 60234 set.

Now on to the build…

The set is the indoor NINJAGO attraction in LEGOLAND, which is a 4D interactive ride where you use gestures to battle baddies.

There are two carts in this set that move along a rail, taking the minifigs from one target to the next.

One target is a standalone build while the other is attached to the back of the main build, opposite the photo booth.

I’ve been on this ride a few times with my kid so I’m happy to report that this set does represent it well. Of course, there are four of us per cart rather than one.

Below the minifigs’ hands are transparent bricks in different colors, which represent the gesture zone. There isn’t any physical gun on the cart as far as I remember so I suppose that stud shooter is there just to show what type of experience the NINJAGO ride is in brick form.

This set comes with a small sheet of stickers, which I don’t mind so much now that the internet has taught me to use the brick separator to apply them neatly.

Good call by the designers for not printing those 3D glasses on the kids’ heads! That would have limited storytelling outside the set.

Finally, there’s another small standalone build welcoming minifigs to LEGOLAND with a graphic of the park .

Overall, I really like the set. However, at $39.99, it may be a bit steep. I know that I would have bought this at a LEGOLAND though since my kid and I had a great time on the NINJAGO ride.

And that’s how I view this: an expensive souvenir that I would be excited to have in hand at the park.

You can buy this set at LEGOLAND and on the LEGOLAND website now.

Parts are available at the Bricks & Pieces on LEGO’s website too!

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