LEGO Easter Egg 40371 Review

Spring is in the air so what better time than now to review the new, limited edition LEGO Easter egg!

I’ve been having so much fun with this cute and colorful, brick-built egg! This set is $12.99 or free with a $50 purchase but has an endless amount of customization to it. I love the DOTS feel to this build with all the extra studs and tiles included to really make it your own.

The egg itself is about 12 studs tall, made up of three smaller builds that come together to make the overall shape. It has a small container space in the green, bottom section. This part holds all the extra studs, tiles and cheese slopes to customize the exterior of the egg. The white layer and the orange layer come together to hold the baby chic inside.

Ah yes and now my favorite part of this set has to be the little yellow bird build inside! It’s a simple but effective design that really has a way of catching your eye.

So definitely one of the cutest seasonal sets I’ve seen! I highly recommend picking this one up if you have the chance. This was a blast to build and photograph, especially outdoors where the bright colors really come to life!

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  1. Yuri Badiner says:

    Wonderful images! Thanks for review Amber! 🙂

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