Collaborative Storytelling: Cultivating Curiosity – A Parent and Child’s Adventure

Here we are again with a collaborative storytelling! We’ve reached out to a group of talented LEGO photographers in our community to weave for us a visual narrative around one set.

This time, we invited three Japanese photographers @legograph.ta163, @rennerbricks and @brickanywhere to pick a set from the LEGO store, among a selection, and they chose the 31139 Cozy House

The group spent some weeks pre-planning while their sets arrived, testing ideas and drawing sketches and more weeks shooting. Here’s what they came up with.

The Story

In a tranquil, secluded corner of a serene country, a little boy lived with his parents. This boy was brimming with vitality and grew up in the warmth of his parents’ boundless affection.

by @legograph.ta163

One day, as his father replaced a photograph hanging in their room, the boy leaped with joy. He danced with delight, as if he’d seen something magical. The father, ever observant, recognized the source of his son’s newfound fascination. It was a photograph of the sea, a sight completely foreign to the boy who had spent his early years in the heart of the mountains.

by @legograph.ta163

On their next vacation, the parents decided to take their son to a cozy seaside hotel. As the boy stepped out of the car, he sprinted towards the deck with a view of the ocean, bypassing the opulence of the hotel.

by @rennerbricks

Yet, the boy’s curiosity could not be contained by the breathtaking seascape alone. He longed for something that could float upon the water, just like the picture in their home. In the attic of the hotel, he discovered a weathered sailboat. To everyone’s surprise, the boy, along with other children from the hotel, managed to acquire and restore the boat!

by @legograph.ta163

The young boy became wholly captivated by his newly acquired remote-controlled sailboat. Time seemed to stand still as he cherished joyful moments on the hotel’s deck with his parents.

by @rennerbricks

However, the boy’s curiosity remained unquenched. This time, he embarked on the adventure of creating his very own boat. His parents were astonished but willingly became part of his boat-building team, helping him assemble an engine. They were well aware of their son’s aspiration to set sail on the sea with their boat.

by @rennerbricks

The boat they built together was relatively small, yet it was spacious enough for the family of three to embark on an oceanic journey. As they set sail, they were greeted by the breathtaking seascape and a warm welcome from playful dolphins.

by @brickanywhere

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, the boy and his parents arrived at a remote seaside cottage. And, of course, the last one to disembark from the boat was the boy. However, he suddenly remembered something and hastily entered to this cottage.

by @brickanywhere

Just moments before the sun disappeared beneath the horizon, the boy handed his parents a letter. What could it contain? The secret shared only among family members remains a mystery, but the radiant expressions on the parents’ faces suggest a heartfelt gesture of love.

by @legograph.ta163

Several years have passed since those cherished memories by the sea. The boy has grown into a young man, found employment, and now possesses a room of his own. His room is adorned with a photograph, the remote-controlled sailboat, and various mementos and items related to the sea. What kind of life is the young man leading now?

The answer lies in your imagination. The story of the parents and the boy concludes here.

by @rennerbricks

Behind the scenes


This story was created collaboratively by three photographers who came together through web meetings and social media. Each of us brought our unique photography skills to the project, taking on roles that aligned with our strengths. My specialty lies in capturing well-balanced shots of minifigures, and I was determined to breathe life into the story through dynamic imagery.

In this narrative, I’ve used minifigure poses, expressions, lighting, and effects to make the images come alive, conveying movement and emotions. Join us as we delve behind the scenes to explore the creative process that shaped these captivating photographs.

In picture 2, I captured the moment of immense joy as a child and a father react to a picture of the sea. Achieving the pose where the child appears to be floating effortlessly required no special photographic techniques or Photoshop. By delicately positioning the figures to maintain balance, I was able to achieve this pose with ease.

To create a sense of brightness and warmth, I used lighting techniques and removed a portion of the room’s roof and walls to capture the photograph. This method allowed me to infuse the image with a bright and warm ambiance, enhancing the evident joy of the child and the father.

In picture 4, I captured the moment when children collaborate to retrieve a sailboat hidden in the attic. The attic is located at a considerable height, requiring the children to support each other to reach it. This situation provided an ideal setting for balancing the minifigures.I photographed the scene in various balancing poses to convey a sense of excitement.

I also considered the direction of the shots. The image on the left was taken frontally, but it lacked the desired level of suspense. Therefore, I opted for a diagonal angle to emphasize both the height and depth, effectively portraying the expansiveness of the space.

This photograph combines the children’s cooperation, their spirit of adventure, and the art of balancing the minifigures to capture a powerful moment that effectively conveys the story.

In picture 9, I capture the touching moment when a child presents a letter to their parents during the twilight hours. To express the parents’ joy upon receiving the letter, I chose a set where they would balance by holding hands.

In terms of composition, I added a slight blur to the scene to create an atmosphere that allows the viewer to speculate about the contents of the letter.

Additionally, to convey the twilight ambiance, we used red film for the photography. This approach effectively infuses the photo with the emotions of the moment and the significance of the letter.

This photo emphasizes emotions and the bond of family, combining set design and lighting effects to capture a poignant highlight of the story.

I want to extend my gratitude to BrickCentral for inviting me to this collaborative project. I’m thankful to Brickanywhere and RennerBricks for sharing their photography expertise, which has expanded my skills and possibilities.


I was a little worried about how to end this story.
I consulted with the members and made a picture so that I could imagine the future of the main character.
I didn’t dare to use the minifig, but shot scenes that inflated my imagination, such as fishing gear, maps, and snorkels. The sea you can see outside the window is a printed photo.

There are a lot of things and it’s messy, so by blurring the right edge of the screen in front of the door, I think you can first go to the desk and see the whole thing from there. In addition, the aim is to feel like looking into the room and be able to imagine his now.

I’m very grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.

Thank you.


This collaboration has been both exciting and challenging. 

What’s most captivating about this project is the demand for spontaneity in every aspect, from selecting sets, crafting the story, to capturing photographs, and even allocating team responsibilities. It requires a level of creativity beyond merely following set instructions or capturing beautiful images.

We centered our theme on the parent-child relationship when choosing sets, emphasizing the nurturing of a child’s curiosity by parents.

In this story, my role was to capture the turning point in the 7th and 8th photos of the family at sea, out of the ten photos. This scene demands the portrayal of natural grandeur.

To achieve the perfect shot in nature, I conducted thorough research to select a suitable location, considering tide times, weather conditions, and optimal lighting. It was essential to emphasize the grandeur and purity of the sea with a mirror-like sky reflected on the water’s surface.

To achieve this effect, I purchased a variable ND filter (2-400), enabling the capture of the mirror-like water surface even in bright daylight. Additionally, during twilight scenes, I used a half ND filter to balance the exposure between the bright sky and the dark ground.

As mentioned in BTS of all three of us, we each brought unique technical expertise and dedication. Collaborating by leveraging our strengths to achieve a common goal is not only crucial for this project but also a valuable life lesson. It involves respecting each other, occasionally making sacrifices, and continuously honing our skills.

Finally, I express my heartfelt gratitude to LEGO for providing the sets, Brickcentral for conceiving this project, and our two collaborators for their teamwork.

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