Artist spotlight: lucy1021lego

Every month, we pick a LEGO photographer active in our community and share some of their work and a little about themselves. This month we traveled to Japan to meet lucy1021lego!

Hello everyone, I’m Lucy, and I live in Japan.

My journey into LEGO photography began when I gifted my sons a LEGO set for their birthday. Inspired by their imaginative creations, I started using my smartphone camera to instantly capture those special moments.

Even now, I rely solely on my smartphone camera for my LEGO photography. It’s convenient and always at hand. Most of the time, I shoot in natural sunlight, though I occasionally have to wait for clear weather. My behind-the-scenes setup is fairly simple.

To soften the harsh sunlight, I use a tissue to cover the models. In the absence of a reflector, I’ve discovered that aluminum foil, typically used for cooking, can work just as well. And when I need to stabilize the minifigures’ feet, I use a kneaded eraser. I do all this right in my living room and kitchen. It’s easy and accessible.

My favorite style of photography is capturing scenes from everyday life because I want viewers to believe that these minifigures actually have a place to call home. For example, imagine spending the whole day immersed in a good book. If that’s my plan, I naturally want to recreate the experience with bricks. I find it fun and rewarding.

In all my pictures, I use the same minifigure with freckles. I discovered her three years ago when I bought my first Paradisa set. I was immediately drawn to her adorable appearance.
This happened around the time when the coronavirus was spreading and I was feeling down. However, her smile had a powerful impact and lifted my spirits.

Every now and then, I’ll have a spontaneous idea, like incorporating a sewing machine into my scene. The next morning, I start building a sewing machine to bring that idea to life. While my mocs are often inspired by my daily activities, the true joy lies in the creative process itself. LEGO bricks allows me to explore endless possibilities and embrace the unexpected.

That’s a glimpse into my world of LEGO photography. It’s amazing how a simple gift for my children has sparked this passion. Through my smartphone lens, I capture the magic and bring it to life in unique and surprising ways.

The exclusive photo

This is my morning scene.

I begin my mornings with a cup of café au lait in hand. It’s become a routine for me to admire the LEGO towns displayed on the shelves while savoring my coffee.

When there’s an unfinished moc present, I gaze at it and wait for inspiration to strike, often contemplating ideas for furniture or other additions. The day before, I usually plan the room layout, floors, and furniture arrangements, and in the morning, I work on refining the details.

This process usually takes no more than three days to complete a creation.

The design for this kitchen was inspired by a TV drama set I saw the night before. Like many LEGO enthusiasts, I always consider whether something can be recreated with bricks or not.

One challenge I faced with this moc was crafting kitchen utensils in minifig size. Specifically, I struggled with creating a coffee mill. After a few attempts, I finally achieved a design that feels cozy and familiar.

While enjoying my café au lait, an idea struck me to incorporate a magic wand into the pepper mill, adding a touch of whimsy. Another detail worth noting is the legs of the coffee maker. To solve the issue of them appearing too bulky, I repurposed a game controller. With just one piece, I was able to achieve the desired leg design.

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