Ski Resort 60203 Review

I had the opportunity to try and write a review of LEGO Set 60203 ‘Ski Resort’ with a focus on the possibilities for toy-photography. I’ll start with a disclaimer first: never having done a review before, this was a real challenge for me, so be gentle, please.

Let’s start with the usual parts of a review first. Building the set is pretty straightforward; no elaborate or very surprising building techniques and nothing too difficult. All in all, nothing special. I was surprised by the relatively large amount of stickers in the set, always nice for the kids but I myself usually don’t applicate the stickers because they limit the reusability of parts, especially when he stickers are very specific.

Anyway; the set contains a fair amount of minifigures and a dog. Usually, I am mostly interested in the heads, because a range of different expressions can come in handy for storytelling purposes. The heads in this set are not very unique, but there is a diverse range of emotions represented. Funny thing is that there only is a scared female head in there, I would’ve like a screaming guy too.

The set contains two buildings and lots of little side builds. This gives you a lot of options for telling miscellaneous stories about life at a ski resort. On the other hand, I would’ve liked a ski lift, that would’ve really completed the set.

Then the possibilities for photography. Are there any? Yes of course! For a skilled photographer, a single LEGO brick gives opportunities for photography. However, I did struggle a bit because I usually don’t photograph these relative standard sets. If I buy a set like this, it’s mostly because I need (well okay…. ‘want’ is a better word I guess) a specific minifigure or part that is included in the set. The rest I use for parts or I adapt the builds for my purposes.

For this review I wanted to photograph the set as is, featuring the builds as they are. The open buildings with lots of windows pose a challenge and force you to shoot them at an angle. Having said that I feel there are many, many possibilities with the individual builds and minifigures, but I wanted to create photography situations featuring situations combining the different components of the set.

The first image shows some action on the ski slopes, which doesn’t look like the safest way to get downhill, but hey, it works.

The second one shows a whole different kind of action. At least the kids are impressed with the guy. Hopefully, he doesn’t crash into the snowman.

After all the action is done, it’s time for some relaxation, and nothing beats a warm cup of cocoa. Well… a beer does, but I like the smoke coming from the cup.

Lastly a nice overview of the ski resort. Looks like a great place… but it would’ve been better with a ski-lift and some beer.

The one build in this set I did not get into my images is the helicopter, for the simple reason that my son got his hands on it, and he was running around with it so a quick smartphone image to show you what I mean. He really loves this helicopter 🙂

That last image illustrates my main feeling about this set; it’s a great playset, lots of action, minifigures and builds… and a dog, I must not forget the dog. Kids will love it.

As a set for photography purposes for me personally it would need extensive modification and/ or additions. However, photographing this set has many individual photography possibilities because of diversity in builds, vehicles, minifigures… and a dog.

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  1. Marco - the aphol says:

    Where’s the dog picture? 🙂
    Nice review Danny, i love the pic of your son!
    In the previous pics i really like how you arranged the builds, is pretty immersive and looks like a small village!

  2. great review, and love the pictures!

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