LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigures 71026 Review

I was one of the fortunate few to be sent a complete set of the new LEGO DC Minifigures and get them in front of my lens.

Here are my thoughts on these new editions to my collection.

New part

The most notable feature of the figures is the introduction of the new display peg. It is quite tricky to figure it out in the beginning but once you get the hang of it you can create some really fun action poses for your display shelf.

The peg fits into the bottom of the foot piece or the back of the leg while the base plate counters the weight of the fig. The slightest change in angle and placement can alter the figures pose quite dramatically.


Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 back in 1939 and this minifig is a great representation of the first dark knight.

The first appearance Batman fig comes with 2 blue batarangs, swing rope and unique cowl with extended pointed ears which really completes his look from 1939.

My favorite part of this fig is how they have replaced the white stripe on Bruce Wayne’s forehead with goggles, makes a great piece for creating custom minifigs.


Bat-Mite first appeared in Detective Comics #267 in 1959 and is more of a nuisance than a supervillain to Batman (whom he idolizes). This minifig comes with a beautifully printed copy of the comic book that Batman first appeared in as well as his unique bent ear cowl.

Rebirth Superman

The Rebirth Superman fig is a nice addition to any DC collector. He comes with a copy of the Daily Planet with a beautiful print of the “caped wonder” saving a plane. He has 2 face prints, one of which is his angry face which I find great for action shots!


The Aquaman fig is one from 1994 where he lost his hand to some piranhas and replaced it with a badass hook.

I really like comic book accurate gladiator costume, the metallic print on the torso is beautifully detailed. The figure also comes with a double printed head as well as a green fish.

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman fig is from 1966 where she was depicted wearing a skirt. This fig comes with the skirt, lasso and double printed head. Great details in the arms and torso.


The Teen Titans Cyborg is a great figure. I love the details from head to toe. The reflective paint job is great for photography. He comes with two purple chains and a unique head piece.

The Flash

The Jay Garrick Flash is great especially if you are a fan of The Flash! You can add this great fig to your collection. He comes with his unique helmet and two lightning bolts that attach to his back, my only gripe was that the lightning bolts get in the way of his arms when trying to get him in a dynamic running pose.

Green Lantern

Simon Baz Green Lantern first appeared in 2012 during the New 52 reboot. He is the first Middle Eastern-American and Muslim member of the Green Lantern Corps. This figure also has great comic book accurate details and comes with his Green Lantern ring as well as his Green Lantern to power up his ring.


Classic Cheetah comes in her retro costume, has a double printed head as well as a green money sack. Super details on her printing as well.


Huntress is another great fig to add to your DC collection, great for catching bad guys with her hunting skills, utility belt and crossbow.

The Joker

The Joker fig is another nice edition for Joker collectors and it seems to be from the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns when he sold cotton candy to kids at a county fair (yes the cotton candy was poison). The hair piece is my favorite part of this fig. He comes with cotton candy and a joker card.


Stargirl is a character that I’m unfamiliar with but the figure is great. I had to do some research on this interesting character. The printed braces and staff are the best.


Bumblebee from Teen Titans is another great figure, she comes with a really great set of printed wings and two yellow electric zappers. She has a double printed head and a great hair piece. This figure is great to photograph because of the translucent pieces and the fact that she is a bee-sized warrior!


Classic Sinestro is in his original blue costume and comes with his yellow lantern and power ring.


Metamorpho was one of my favorite characters from the Justice League comics with his powers of elemental shapeshifting. There are some great photographic opportunities with this one!

Mr. Miracle

Mr. Miracle (the escape artist), is brilliantly printed with all his details and colours. This figure comes with handcuffs, a long chain, cape, and collar. This figure also gets the creative juices flowing for photography and finding different opportunities to escape from.

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  1. Yuri Badiner says:

    Thanks for awesome review Rob! Looking forward to pick Batman, Joker and Flash for my collection. This new transparent part looks interesting and useful.

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