Review: Seinfeld 21328

LEGO just released a set based on ‘a show about nothing’ and the longest-running comedy series of all time to celebrate Seinfeld’s 30th anniversary.

The set includes the apartment of Jerry Seinfeld styled as a television production set (just like the Friends Apartment Set), 5 Minifigures and Jerry’s stand-up stage, showing many beautiful details in it. 

The LEGO® Ideas Seinfeld display model (21328) will be released on August 1st. VIP Members will be able to purchase the Seinfeld Set 21328 starting on July 21, 01:00 CEST / 00:00 BST.

This set will retail for €79.99 / $79.99 / £69.99. 

The Minifigures

The faces, hairpieces, and printed torsos match the characters very well. Each of their outfits is great and well-chosen.

Jerry Seinfeld: He has a new hairpiece and wears his blue shirt.

Jerry Seinfeld

George Louis Costanza:  Jerry’s neurotic best friend and known for his balding hair.

George Louis Costanza a.k.a.: “Lord of the Idiots”

Cosmo Kramer: Friend and neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld. He loves pitching ideas for inventions like his Coffee Table Book.

Cosmo Kramer and ‘The Coffee Table Book Of Coffee Tables’

Elaine Marie Benes: Best friend and ex-girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld.

Elaine Marie Benes with the goldfish in a plastic bag. 

Newman: Jerry’s nemesis who lives down the hall in apartment 5E.


The Apartment 

The apartment is packed with authentic details. It is so much fun to recreate iconic scenes. So lovely!

Hello Jerry! Hello… Newman!

Newman is trying to muscles his way through the door.

The entrance area to the apartment is very detailed and beautifully implemented. And not to forget the fantastic entrance slides of Kramer happen in that area!

„Do it like this: “These pretzels are making me thirsty!”
„A Festivus for the rest of us“- get your list of grievances ready!

This is where it all happens: The living room area with the greenish sofa and black patterned carpet.

Is that a muffin top? Where is the stump?

The kitchen is very detailed and nicely done. Instead of printed tiles, LEGO used stickers for the refrigerator.

Kramer and Newman – I recreate a scene, where Newman and Kramer are playing Risk with the blue statues
Office space. Jerry is sitting in front of the computer and is looking at the Vandelay Industries website.
Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up stage


Prognosis NEGATIVE / The green bicycle / Vandelay Industries / A Marble Rye / The Pretzel / The Blue Statue / Festivus pole and more…
Look at the oven mitts and superman!


Seinfeld fans will love this set. It is fun to build (1326 pieces) and the details are amazing. LEGO captured the spirit of the 1990’s and the Jerry Seinfeld series very well.

I give this set a 10/10.

Behind The Scenes

Many thanks to Four Bricks Tall for inspiring me how to go about a lighting setup. I looked at behind-the-scenes footage of the original movie set and decided to use LED panels for my scenes. In addition, I made use of small LED cubes to light the Minifigures to create more visual contrast. Shooting this set was a great task and I loved it.

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