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The latest LEGO Collectable Minifigure series is based on Marvel’s Disney+ streaming shows which include Loki, The Falcon & Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and What If…?. The minifigures include rare side characters that were in the comics, alternate costumes for MCU Avengers, and multiverse variations on Marvel characters that will be all-new in the upcoming episodes in What If..?

There are some characters that I’m excited about getting in LEGO form, including Throg and Captain Carter. Also, I’m looking forward to watching some very puzzling characters like Zombie Hunter Spidey when the episode eventually gets released. Worry not, this review is spoiler-free, so I won’t go deeply into any plots here. 

LEGO sent me the minifigures for review through Brickcentral, but the opinions are my own.

Variant Loki & Throg

From the new Loki series comes MCU Loki in his Variant clothing in the Time Variance Authority. This minifigure seems accurate to the TV series and has a smirk and a frown for Loki to react to all the multiverse shenanigans. I’ll admit to finding the khaki outfit rather bland for a character like Loki, though it is based on the show’s design. I’m a huge Loki fan, but that outfit is as boring as… well… khaki.

Throg, or Frog Thor, is the main reason I like this particular blind bag, even if he’s packaged as an accessory. I first encountered Throg in the Marvel comics, where he makes occasional cameos as he hops and zaps his way to victory. Throg is a sentient frog with the powers of the God of Thunder and is a member of the Pet Avengers. The little froggy face, tiny hammer, and helmet are really cute.

Variant Loki & Throg: 9/10 Throg is awesome. A highly anticipated accessory character with a great sculpt. (Variant Loki by himself would have been a 5/10)

Sylvie & Alligator Loki

Sylvie makes her debut on Loki. She is a Variant from another timeline where Loki is born the Goddess of Mischief. This Sylvie minifigure looks great and is very accurate to the TV show. I love the clothes with the printed arms, and the horned crown looks great, very much like the broken horned crown worn by Loki in the Agent of Asgard comic. Sylvie looks nothing like Lady Loki though, so I’m less enthusiastic about getting this new character instead.

I assume the alligator with Sylvie is Alligator Loki. Without their tiny horned helmet, there’s no way to be certain that this baby alligator is Alligator Loki. If only they made a tiny helmet accessory for the alligator, this would be the perfect animal. Despite this, the baby alligator is very useful as an all-purpose reptile. This adorable baby alligator will have all the LEGO animal collectors buying this blind bag.

Sylvie & Alligator Loki: 7/10 Nearly character accurate, but still useful.

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes has been around since WWII, and his adventure continues with a new Captain America. This minifigure of the Winter Soldier looks great. He has his navy coat and black vibranium prosthetic arm. I have two other versions of the Winter Soldier, and surprisingly, this new one includes a smiling face. He has a shield and a knife as accessories. I’m not certain why Bucky has Cap’s shield here, we seem to have an excess of shields in this minifigure series.

Winter Soldier: 8/10 Good looking figure if you don’t already have him.

Captain America Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson has taken on the mantle of Captain America and is wearing his white and blue uniform with red accents. Finally, Cap can fly on his own without waiting around for a teammate to pick him up. It was always funny to me in the comics and the movies when Steve Rogers would be running on the ground or waiting around for a ride.

The most unique part of this series is Sam’s wings, which are worn attached to his neck here. Sam also has his shield and Redwing (which isn’t red anymore) attached to his back. This is a great-looking minifigure with silver printing and printing on the sides of both arms and legs.

Captain America Sam Wilson: 10/10 Great printing and accessories.

The Vision

White Vision originated in the comics. As the backstory of the comic character may relate to the TV series, I won’t go into detail about him here. The Vision has some great printing with gold accents and on the sides of his arms and legs. His accessory is a laptop with a translucent-blue screen and keyboard which are printed on. His white cape is loose in the blind bag, so be very cautious when cutting the bag open, you could end up snipping the cape.

The Vision: 8/10 Great printing and interesting accessory, but the cape could be damaged when cutting open.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda in WandaVision has numerous outfits that jump through many decades. The episode 9 ending has her wearing an outfit that is a cross between the MCU and the current comic costume, with a cape, gloves, and crown. I rather like the outfit, it’s more gothic-vampire-hunter and less magician’s-female-assistant, probably because of the pants and leather.

Her arms are dual molded, making her long gloves look nicely done. The sculpting of the hairpiece looks great. For accessories, she has translucent-red blasts and a cape which is loose in the blind bag. Take care cutting open the bag to make sure the cape doesn’t get snipped.

Wanda the Scarlet Witch: 8/10 Good-looking figure with little for accessories and cape could be damaged when opened.

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau appears in the Captain Marvel movie as a child and as an adult in WandaVision, but she first appeared in the comics in 1982 as the second Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers is the seventh comic Captain Marvel).

Monica wears her S.W.O.R.D. uniform and has a drone as her accessory. The arms of her shirt are printed, and the drone is a simple build. The part that stands out the most in this blind bag is her curly hairpiece, which has a great shape. There’s nothing here to imply her powers. The buildable accessory with a minifigure that doesn’t stand out makes this blind bag uninteresting.

Monica Rambeau: 6/10 Great hair, ok shirt with an otherwise unremarkable minifigure.

Captain Carter

Captain Carter originated in the Marvel Puzzle Quest mobile game in 2016. With very little backstory, I instantly loved this character. She is not to be confused with Captain Britain, another person entirely, who is chosen by Excalibur, from the Marvel Excalibur comics.

In an alternate reality, Peggy Carter became a supersoldier in WWII after Steve Rogers is killed. Out of all the characters in this collectible series, Captain Carter would be my must-have minifigure. Her uniform is side printed on the legs and the arms. She comes with a pearlescent blue cube and a shield with the Union Jack on it.

The true standout of this blind bag, besides the awesome character, would be the victory-roll hairpiece. It is a wonderful sculpt.

Captain Carter: 10/10 Highly anticipated character, excellent printing, great hairpiece, ok accessories.

T’Challa Star-Lord 

We all know T’Challa as the Black Panther and King of Wakanda, but the new alternate version of him as Star-Lord is a mystery to me. I haven’t seen the new episode of What If…? but I look forward to finding out more about him.

The legs of this figure are side-printed and this Star-Lord is purple-themed. T’Challa comes with two blasters, a mask, and an alternate hairpiece. His head is printed on only one side with a smiling bearded face. This is a nice-looking figure, but since I know nothing about him, I’m not sure how much use I’ll get from him.

T’Challa Star-Lord: 8/10 New alternate character with good printing and nice accessories.


Gamora the assassin daughter of Thanos is said to appear in an upcoming episode of What If..? 

Since it has not been aired yet, we can only guess what role she will play wearing Thanos-inspired armor with a two-bladed weapon. Gamora’s armor is gold all over and she has printing on her arms which are dual molded. Her weapon is a simple build with a lightsaber handle and two blades.

The part I like the most is the hairpiece with the purple streaks. While the minifigure looks great, I don’t know anything about this version of Gamora, and I’m not sure how much use I will get out of her.

Gamora: 7/10 New alternate character with good printing and ok accessory.

Zombie Hunter Spidey

Zombie Hunter Spidey makes me scratch my head in puzzlement. As far as character designs go, it’s basically Spider-Man with a cape. Like many Marvel fans, I have dozens of Spidey minifigures, and I could easily put a red cape on them.

This mystery bag seems to be aimed at Spidey collectors or someone new to LEGO Marvel. The printing would be the main reason you would want this character. It is side-printed on the legs and arms, with silver for the web-shooters. His very common accessories are an alternate head, hair, cape, and white rope to swing from.

Use caution opening this since the cape is also loose in the bag, I keep repeating this advice since I did indeed accidentally cut into one of the capes. D’oh!

Zombie Hunter Spidey: 6/10 Great printing for a very common character. Loose cape inside the bag.

Zombie Captain America

The original Marvel Zombies five comic series started the first zombie infection with Captain America.  Earth-2149 was eventually overrun by zombies, we’ll have to wait for the new episode to be aired to see if What If…? follows the same storyline.

Zombie Cap is a morbidly funny minifigure. He’s side printed on the legs and arms. The legs are dual molded and he has a helmet and shield as accessories. The head can be used to make a non-superhero zombie, as it has no helmet markings. The battle-damaged accessories could also be repurposed for Human Cap after combat. Without any other zombie heroes, this great-looking Zombie Cap seems destined for limited use.

Zombie Captain America: 7/10 Great looking character with a useful accessory, but there are no other Zombie Avengers.

Box Distribution

With three complete sets in a case, it would be worthwhile to split a case with two friends. I received two cases and the characters were distributed identically in both.

Back of Case

Variant LokiVariant Loki
Captain CarterVariant Loki
T’Challa Star-LordSylvie
Captain CarterCaptain Carter
T’Challa Star-LordT’Challa Star-Lord
Winter SoldierThe Vision
Captain America Sam WilsonScarlet Witch
Winter SoldierThe Vision
Captain America Sam WilsonScarlet Witch
Winter SoldierThe Vision
Captain America Sam WilsonScarlet Witch
Monica RambeauZombie Hunter Spidey
GamoraZombie Captain America
Monica RambeauZombie Hunter Spidey
GamoraZombie Captain America
Monica RambeauZombie Hunter Spidey
GamoraZombie Captain America

Front of Case

Behind the Scenes

I was inspired by promotional clips for the Marvel What If…? series that has T’Challa landing among many glowing blocks. This seemed like a great way to illustrate the multiverse, with the building blocks of reality.

While I didn’t have enough lights to make them glow, floating blocks seemed easy enough to do. I attached blocks to a monitor with poster putty, as this seemed like the simplest method to float the background blocks with no cast shadow.

Then I spent a surprising amount of time building supports for each block for the characters to stand on. I built everything on top of a translucent plastic bin with a light underneath to give the appearance of floating in space.

After careful arrangement to make sure each character could be seen, I shot multiple times while adjusting lights to minimize glare on plastic faces. I focus-stacked the resulting shots.

Then it was a very tedious process of removing the very many supports in Photoshop. With the only obvious antagonist being Zombie Cap, it seems his undead days are numbered.


The first Marvel Collectable Minifigure series has some wonderful minifigures. My favorite character was Captain Carter, with Captain America Sam Wilson a close second. Zombie Hunter Spidey takes the honors as the least original character with no cool accessories. Throg and the baby alligator would be my choice for the best accessories. The most common objects in this series are the many shields the Captain America adjacent characters all possess.

While the new characters are cool to have, I’m hoping that the next Marvel Collectable series will have more long-time fan-favorite characters. For example, Lady Loki was one that I was hoping for but ended up with a new alternate character instead. Perhaps we can get more Pet Avengers? More Zombie Avengers so Zombie Cap wouldn’t be lonely? There are so many great characters we already like.

I would give this series 8/10 for the many great-looking characters with detailed prints and many unique accessories.

The LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studios CMF will be available September 1 for $4.99 each blind bag.

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