Review : LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76205 and 76206

LEGO sent me two new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to review for Brickcentral, LEGO 76205 Gargantos Showdown and the LEGO 76206 Iron Man Figure, but the opinions expressed here are all mine.

Gargantos Showdown 76205 – 264 PCS. $29.99/€29.99

Inspired by the new Marvel Studios film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” which should be released in 2022, we find Doctor Strange, Wong, and America Chavez fighting a terrible sea monster: Gargantos.

The main construction of the set is the magnificent beast with many tentacles. The assembly is done relatively quickly but is still very ingenious. There’s a new piece to represent the eye of the giant octopus with beautiful curves around it.

With its tentacles of different sizes, Gargantos can stand on them. They have incredible mobility which will surely allow him to hug Dr. Strange.

The Minifigures

Wong, master of the Mystic Arts and sidekick of Dr. Strange, is a new minifigure in this set. He has a head with only one face, but a nice set for the torso and legs. He already had two other versions that appeared in previous sets.

America Chavez, alias Miss America, is a unique minifigure in this set. She has a head with two sides.

Saving the best for last, Dr. Strange is new minifigure in this set. He has a head with two sides, and a removable cape that I love since the last version released in 2021.


The construction of Gargantos is very pleasant and the set with its tentacles is successful, accompanied by three legendary and magnificent characters who are unique to this set will make us relive the confrontation of the film.

The mobility of the monster’s tentacles is great and brings strong playability and multitudes of possibilities to hamper its enemies.

I give this set a 9/10.

Iron Man Figure 76206 – 381 PCS. $39.99/€39.99

Iron Man, the mythical superhero is surely the most beloved by fans of the Marvel Universe. With this set, LEGO offers us to build one of the many Iron Man armors: MARK 43.

With the 381 pieces are assembled, we have here a magnificent armor of Iron Man. The duo of Gold and Dark Red color marry perfectly and this is the strong point of this set. Let’s come back in more detail on the different parts of armor.

The head has very nice pad printing, it can rotate in all directions except downward.

The torso is very well thought out; you can barely make out the joints of the head, arms, and legs. The shoulder pads that hide the joint cause reduced mobility for the arms though. I find the torso a bit narrow compared to the shoulders and head.

The arms are successful in particular thanks to the Repulsor Blast in the center of the hand.

The luminous brick on the torso which represents the ARK reactor is really a big negative point of this set. Despite the blue transparent bricks placed over the luminous brick, the light coming out of the armor remains yellow.

In the leg joints, the knee joint is very well thought out and allows you to put it in interesting positions. The downside is that the pelvic joint is fragile and dislodges easily, but can recover very quickly.

I’m disappointed that the kneeling posture is impossible, our superhero lacks balance.


The construction reminded me of “Buildable Figures” like in the Star Wars universe, in much greater detail.

Overall the build is pretty quick, there are a few new parts, and a nice dark red/gold colorway that represents Iron Man’s personality well.

Thanks to the many joints that the armor offers, it is possible to put it in many positions. The whole is relatively solid which allows for very good playability.

This set should delight fans of the Marvel Universe, both young and old. Easily transportable, children who can take it on many adventures, and without forgetting big fans with a nice UCS-type plate for the presentation.

I give this set a 7/10.

Behind the Scenes

All of my photos for the iron man armor review were taken in a covered parking lot. The reasons why I chose this place, at first I was looking for a raw concrete atmosphere with warm colors and the possibility of obtaining a nice bokeh.

Being on the third floor of this parking lot, I was sure to be quiet when taking my photos. And finally, given the current weather, I was sheltered by the roof but with enough light.

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