Review : Lego Icons 10308 Holiday Main Street

This is an unmissable event as the end of the year festivities approach for winter fans. town. Last year we received a visit from Santa Claus in a blue house (Set 10293). This year we are staying downtown on Main Street to prepare the final purchases before Christmas. This year’s set is made up of two shops with snow-capped roofs of a tram, a pedestrian crossing and a gigantic Christmas tree. Put on your mittens, style your hair nice hat, we’re off to explore Main Street. No train tracks are provided in the box, however you will find in the instruction how is it possible to motorize the tram.


There are 6 minifigures in the set, a little boy, two women with shopping bags, surely filled with gifts, a tram driver and two vendors for each of the shops. The little boy with his letter for Santa Claus with his mouth wide open, probably because he saw it putting the gifts under the tree. He is dressed in a ski outfit, and a chapka to protect his ears from the cold.

The two girlfriends, their hands filled with shopping bags for the Christmas meal or the last gifts to put under the tree. They are both dressed warmly with sweaters on. One of them has a red cap, this piece that you could get in the 22 series.

The toy store clerk also has a woolen sweater. H. Jollies, the store clerk music to opt for a yellow tie and suspenders. The tram driver has the same torso as the lighthouse keeper (set 21335), a cap, and with a very nice mustache.

H. Jollie’s Music Store

The first shop is made up of two floors, on the ground floor, a business that sells musical instruments. In the window of the store are a white guitar and a violin. Inside, we have other instruments, such as a drum set, a saxophone, or even a half piano that hangs on the wall.

To decorate the walls of the store we have two posters, one poster announcing a future saxophone concert, and the other a newspaper article, probably H. Jollie. The store also has a cash register.

Upstairs, there is a kitchen, with two cupboards, a table, cups, and a teapot. As for the lower floor, on the wall hangs a frame representing the gingerbread house (set 10267).

Christmas decorations adorn the front of the building, a Christmas wreath hanging from the shop door, and a garland below the window. The shop sign is a sticker, its design is really successful. The roof is sloping and half covered with snow, the effect works very well.

Santa’s Toys and Games

The second shop is made up of two floors, on the ground floor, a toy store. Unlike the neighboring building, this one has two display cases, with a stuffed rabbit and a locomotive, there is also a flag with the name of the store.

Inside, a small shelf or some toys are on display. Opposite a cash register and some items hidden in below. The wall decoration is very simple because we only have a clock.

Upstairs, there is a child’s bedroom (perhaps given the size of the bed). The Christmas tree stands in the child’s room, Santa Claus has an interest in being discreet when placing the gifts there This year.

On the front of the building, there is a long garland over the entire length, the sign from the toy store, which is very successful. On the upper floor, a small bird on one of the windows, a Christmas wreath and some snow. The top of the building is a flat roof, everything more classic.

Tram, Sidewalk, and Christmas Tree

To accompany the two Main Street buildings we have a nice tram to get around the winter village. The construction of the tram was very interesting and in the Lego assembly instruction included the possibility of motorizing the tram. Like the two shops, the tram is adorned with Christmas decorations. On each side of the car are two pubs, one for the store music and the other for the toy store. The snow-covered roof is removable and allows to access the interior of the wagon, there is a bench seat and a lever to control it.

There is a small piece of sidewalk (a central platform of a pedestrian crossing), with a box with red letters (to drop off your letter to Santa Claus), this box has the same logo as the Winter set 10222 which had a nice postman’s van. To complete the sidewalk there is a post surmounted by 4 clocks and a panel with the name of the street.

And what would a Winter set be without a Christmas tree? No great novelty at the technical level and design for this tree. As a reminder, last year Lego had included a luminous brick inside the Fir. Note that this year the winter set does not have a light brick.


This winter set is inevitable if you want to expand your village, or your main street with two superb shops. Train lovers will also find building fun here this tram inspired by San Francisco or Lisbon. I find that the two shops are not very wide, the playability is reduced and the space enough narrow, it is difficult to fit more than two figurines.

Concerning the instrument shop of music, one would have hoped for at least one new instrument. Regarding the figurines I find them very basic, only wool sweaters, that’s missing scarves or heavy coats.

I give this set a 08/10.

Review : Lego Icons 10308 Holiday Main Street will be available on October 7, 2022 and will cost $99.99 / €99.99 / £89.99 / 169.99 AUD / 129.99 CAD

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