Fun Fair: LEGO People Pack Review

The LEGO People Pack – Fun Fair 60234 makes its debut on August 1 here in the US, but since I was visiting family in Spain where they’ve had it available since June 1, I couldn’t resist picking up the set at a LEGO Store in Madrid. I’d been so excited to get my hands on the Fun Fair set since it was announced months ago because of all the new parts in it!

This is the fifth minifigure set that LEGO has released and with so many new parts introduced in it — 4 faces, 9 torsos, 2 hair molds, 2 printed tiles, a tricycle and a load of recolors — it looks to be one of the most popular ones so far.

The theme is a fun, retro one and fits well as-is into the many fairgrounds sets that LEGO has made over the years, including the new Toy Story 4 sets. The Fun Fair People Pack can also be dropped onto any LEGO city street for an instant block party!

The Stilt Walker

My favorite minifig in the Fun Fair set is the stilt walker. He’s got a new torso with the printing of the suspenders on both sides, a top hat in a new dark purple color and a balloon animal in a new trans-dark blue color. His “stilts” are 1x1x3 bricks in medium azure.

This stilt walker is shorter but a nice upgrade to the one in the Fairground Mixer 10244 set that stands on 1x1x5 bricks.

Because of the brick legs, it’s more of a challenge posing the stilt walker than any of the other minifigs since he has a higher center of gravity… and doesn’t have any feet.

Shooting Gallery Operator

The guy manning the shooting gallery at the fair is also pretty cool. He’s got a sleeveless rock band concert shirt on with printing on the back and front, a mullet in a new reddish-brown color and a teddy bear in a new lavender color. The mullet was only previously available in a medium-dark flesh color on the Wrestling Champion in CMF Series 15.

Ice Cream Vendor

The ice cream vendor is a great minifig with a new striped torso with the printing carried over to the back and a recolor of the cap with ponytail piece in white and blond. The cap was available in red with reddish-brown hair and dark blue with dark orange hair in several City sets before. She’s also got a token as an accessory.

Little Kids

The little kids in this set are great minifigs! The little girl with the family has the most new parts in this set: a curly hair with a bun mold, a striped shirt, and a cute double-sided face. The hair is huge! It’s bigger than her legs so I’ll probably be using this on adults rather than kids in my photos. The torso is a nice simple design that can be used to create other generic minifigs. The face is adorably chubby with one side where she’s smiling and the other where she’s laughing.

The other three kids in the Fun Fair People Pack each have something new: a torso with different colored sleeves and a front pocket, an old-fashioned propeller hat and a face-painted head. The propeller piece can also be found in a hat in Donut Shop Opening 60233 but I’m sure we’ll be seeing it in mini helicopters, airplanes, vents and other builds. The popsicle in trans-dark blue is new for this year too, appearing in one of those smaller minifigure sets LEGO has recently released: Summer Celebration 40344.

I’m kind of disappointed none of them came with the shorter, poseable legs that we’ve seen in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts collectible series as well as the Stranger Things Upside Down 75810 set. So far, these legs have only been used in the licensed stuff. Hmm.


If the propeller hat didn’t give it away that this set is a throwback to several decades ago, these teenagers’ torso designs and hairstyles should.

The teenage boy has Superman hair but in a new dark brown recolor, a new college sports jacket torso print and the face from the Giraffe Guy in the LEGO Movie 2 collectible series.

The teenage girl has hair that we’ve seen most notably on the Diner Waitress from CMF Series 11 and the waitress in Downtown Diner 10260, a new black leather jacket torso print and a new half-smiling face.

This teenage girl is the one slamming the hammer down on the high striker instead of the boy, showing that LEGO is moving to represent women better in their toys. Recently, we’ve seen lots of female drivers in the Speed Champions sets, so kudos to LEGO!

Tracksuit Grandparents

These grandparents aren’t nearly as cool as the ones in the Outdoor Adventures set but at least they’re active too. Tracksuits were in fashion in the 70s and 90s so it’s nice to see them represented here in this retro-happy Fun Fair set. Both torsos designs are new but the rest of the pieces are pretty common.

Mom and Dad

Dad is pretty boring but Mom has a new double-sided face and a hair piece that has only appeared in 3 other sets. Her two facial expressions match her daughter’s, which is a cute touch. Both adults have a new recolor of the hoop in dark azure for the duck ring toss game.

Face Painter

The face painter is basically the same as the fence painter in the Fun in the City People Pack 60134 set but with a different face and a medium dark flesh hair piece that isn’t so common. She comes with a recolor of the paintbrush, this time with an orange tip to match the color of the face-painted girl’s head.

Rubber Ducks

Rubber duckies! The Fun Fair set comes with three cute rubber ducks that are new for 2019 for the ring toss game. The yellow duck also appears in Andrea’s Summer Heart Box 41384.

Ice Cream Tricycle

Another exciting new piece is the tricycle frame in the ice cream tricycle! It’s similar to the bicycle frame but the front doesn’t have handlebars nor a fork. It’s been redesigned completely to allow for some kind of small two-wheeled build to be attached to it instead. The contact point to stabilize and lift the tricycle frame was moved to the front too.

The back of the frame is also a bit different now with the removal of the single stud behind the seat. The tricycle has new printed tiles that are attached to both sides of the cart build.

This new tricycle frame also appears in white in Donut Shop Opening 60233 as a coffee cart.

We have a winner!

Like the other previously released People Packs, Fun Fair costs about $40 but has one less minifigure: 14 instead of the usual 15 per set. However, the ducks, tricycle as well as the high striker, duck ring toss, shooting gallery, and face-painting table builds more than make up for the shortage.

The thing I really like about these People Packs is that the torsos are clean — the print doesn’t continue onto the hips or legs — so that they can be easily mixed and matched to create new characters. The legs in this pack were a big disappointment though: not a single set of medium legs nor printed legs to be found.

Overall, if I had to rate this set in carnival terms, I’d say, “we have a winner!”

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  1. loved this set, didn’t shoot enough pictures of it myself, must go back to it

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