Beginner Tips: Learning Camera Controls with LEGO

Shooting minifigs with a phone is fun and easy but at some point, you may want more creative control than what a fixed lens and small sensor can offer you. If you’re ready to start shooting with a mirrorless or DSLR camera but have no idea where to start, then I’ve got just the thing for you.

PHLEARN, an educational site focused on photography and Photoshop tutorials, put together a few videos using LEGO Star Wars to teach the basics of exposure: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Once you understand these 3 controls of light and their corresponding creative effect, you’ll be creating photos with beautiful bokeh, intentional motion blur, and sharper long exposures in no time.

This 3-part playlist covers each control and contains about 20 minutes of video, so find a cozy spot and settle in:

If you prefer to read articles rather than watch videos, Foolish Bricks has an exhaustive beginner series specifically for LEGO photographers.

Be sure to check his behind-the-scenes posts as well because they are inspiring to all levels of minifig photographers!

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  1. lots_of_legs says:

    Great post! I did not know this Phlearn channel, thanks a lot! Cool to see how they use minifigures for this tutorial, it actually makes a lot of sense and makes it more fun!.

    1. Four Bricks Tall says:

      Phlearn is my go-to channel when I want to try out something in Photoshop. You should subscribe to them on YouTube!

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