xtra Xmas Accessories Review

Feeling the holiday cheer yet? LEGO wants to stuff some stockings and help get your cities in the spirit!

The xtra Xmas Axxesories (sorry, I had to!) set 40368 was released several weeks ago and I was sent a few packets to review.

This set has 32 pieces in it, the most interesting of which is the single transparent light blue snowflake. It’s included in 11 LEGO sets but mostly in the Friends-themed Frozen sets and only then in quantities of 1 or 2. The other sets where this snowflake appears are Ninjago Spinjitzu 70636, Adventure Time 21308 and of course, the Elsa minifigure in the second Disney CMF series.

I would have liked to see at least two of these snowflakes in this xtra Xmas Accessories set rather than several of the more common elements that were included. It would be great to be able to grab a couple of bags and create a snow blizzard with these!

That beanie (or “pixie hat” as the official description says) also could have been replaced with a red Ushanka hat that we’ve only seen in 3 sets so far.

I think LEGO missed an opportunity to add more interesting pieces in this wintery polybag.

Needless to say, this xtra Accessories set leaves me cold. I’d have to rank this as the least attractive of the 7 released so far.

It’s available now for $3.99.

NOTE: There is a medium tan sack included in the set but not pictured here.

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