Review: LEGO 80113 Family Reunion Celebration

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with this beautiful set! The Family Reunion Celebration set is a traditional restaurant with beautiful details and wall art. This set has 1823 pieces and has 2 detachable floors for play. It comes with 13 Lego Minifigures but I would like to talk more about the intricate design and art of this set and how eye-catching it is for me.

The build details

I admire the “Nice Part Usage” of the frogs for a more Asian architectural approach. The gold ingot in Earth Green is the perfect Green for the roof tiles. The lanterns added a beautiful touch to this festive moment. It feels like I’m walking around Chinatown.

The corner stalls

These beautiful, printed stickers add a sense of Asian culture to the build. These stalls are very playable and can stand alone except for the awning of the flower stall but you can easily use bricks to make it stand alone.

The entrance

Again the characters are neatly printed and is very inviting. The Mandarin oranges are considered a traditional symbol for good fortune/ good luck and seeing it built so bountifully gives me some good vibes.

The aquarium

This is my favorite part of the build! The aquarium is a way of attracting good luck and fortune. The placement of it in Feng Shui is perfect! I love the fence that was used as a decorative window here, it’s also used as a decorative wall divider inside the build. You can peek through it and create a bunch of different stories!

The kitchen

The Kitchen is very playable too with pots and pans and that duck! I just assumed that it was duck because of the history I learned about Asian cuisine and their symbolism but it can also be chicken or turkey or a “whatevrameat”.

The paintings

The paintings on the 2nd floor are so beautiful! On the round table, you can gaze at this beautiful bird painting while the light is shining through the window. When you go to use the bathroom on the same floor, you will see a beautiful castle painting that reminds you of where the Ancient Chinese Gods live.


This set costs $129.99/€129.99/£89.99 and comes with a sticker sheet. Some wouldn’t like the stickers but for me, it added to the play as if I’m holding a piece of delicate art and framing it. This set comes with a lot of really good pieces like the gutters and fence and as a builder, I know I can create tons of beautiful MOC’s with this set.

As a photographer, I really enjoyed making light come in through the windows and this set is full of those!

The first floor is cramped and I would have to take parts of the build away to take photos of the interesting part but the 2nd floor is quite spacious. The outside is really gorgeous. It’s an architectural art! I would definitely recommend this set.

Available now on Recommended for 8+.

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