Review: DreamZzz 71453 Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny

Time to step up our creativity and bring it to the world of DreamZzz!

DreamZzz is a Lego theme animated TV series about the journey of young builders from the waking world into a fantasy realm or dream world. There, they encounter the Nightmare King and must set free all the other creatives that were held captive.

This set is focused mainly on Izzie and Bunchu the Bunny with a total of 259 pieces. The building instructions are clear and easy to follow. It also has pages of beautiful art to highlight the DreamZzz storyline.

The only build here is Bunchu the Bunny which is a dreamcrafted version of her blue bunny plushie. In this set, Bunchu the Bunny can be dream crafted into 2 ways but you have to choose which DREAM POWER UP to use and build. This set has no stickers and Bunchu’s face is a printed piece as well as the hourglass logo.

Bunchu Bunny with rollerskates

Here you can see Bunchu the Bunny with roller skates and gloves making her go extra speedy! The wide base makes Bunchu really stable. Here in my imaginative play, I pretended that they are doing tricks at the skatepark. They did some flips and rolled, rolled and rolled away!

Bunchu Bunny with wings and a stinger

The next one I want to show you is Bunchu the Bunny dreamcrafted into something that closely resembles a BEE! I really enjoyed this one because I personally love bees and this build can lead to knowledge about bees and the hard work they do for us and the ecosystem.

Here we are pretending that Bunchu the Bunny is pollinating the flowers. I love how articulated Bunchu’s arms and legs are, even the neck! Bunchu is Posable and super cute!

Minifigures and accessories

Izzie is included in this set. Her hair is a beautiful shimmery metallic purple and blue ombr√©. Her head has 2 facial expressions; one is smiling with eyes closed and one is smiling with eyes open. Both expressions have the same star and heart face detailing. Her torso has pink armor and she’s wearing purple boots. She has her hourglass and a blue sword.

Plushie Bunchu is here too and a Grimspawn. Plushie Bunchu has a really adorable face and the Grimspawn is wearing a helmet with a purple flame piece which can be removed. To be honest, the Grimspawn is really cute and his tiny arms can hold the net.

For our imaginative play, we pretended that they were resting together from all the chasing they did the whole day!

Overall Experience

Me and the fam had a really fun time building this vibrantly colored set and creating different DreamZzz storylines with it as well as our own stories. Bunchu Bunny is really eye-catching and have you seen that adorable face? The build is really sturdy though sometimes the wing’s base in bee form can fall off if you accidentally tapped it. This is a really good buy, especially for the retail price of $19.99/¬£18.99. It’s up to you which door you will open and don’t forget to have fun!

I would like to thank Lego and BrickCentral for giving me a chance to review this really fun and adorable set! Mix and match sets for extra fun!

Now what will you DREAMCRAFT next?

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