Artist spotlight: verolegoland

Every month, we pick a LEGO photographer active in our community and share some of their work and a little about themselves. This month we flight to Canada to meet verolegoland!

Bonjour! My name is Véronique. I’m a french speaker from Québec, Canada. I’m a 80’s kid!

I always loved photography, specially macro photography ! I’m obsessed with texture and all the small things I can take pictures of.

During COVID , my husband started buying LEGO sets that he always wanted when he was a kid. For my part, I never had LEGO set.

I’m a Potterhead so when he bought me a Harry Potter set, I got really excited and I discovered this wonderful tiny world! I started to take picture of LEGO details and I became really fast a AFOL !

I found on IG that I wasn’t alone in this toy photography adventure! I discovered Brickcentral and learned a lot from amazing photographers here!

I always put a BTS picture because I love to see the reaction of my family and friends. I also love when other photograph do the same ! Learning a lot from it.

I use a Canon 6D and most of the time with my Canon 100mm macro f2.8L. But more and more I try to experiment with my other lens. I’m old school with my picture.
I do minimum editing and try to improve my shot with lighting and atmosphere.

I’m still learning a lot about it and I just love it !
AFOL et fière de l’être !

The exclusive

I wanted to create a picture with cold color but with a warm atmosphere, where we can feel the love and the peaceful moment. I used a dark construction paper as ground and put plastic wrap on it to get the water effect.

I often use my iPad as a background. I add light and mist to get the atmosphere I wanted to create.
I saw people using a facial spray to create mist and I love the idea! I always try different angles with my light until I get it.

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