Artist Spotlight: Photomark6

Each month, we pick a LEGO photographer and share some of their work and a little about themselves. This month, we put the spotlight on photomark6!

Hey! I’m Mark, aka Photomark6. I’m 33 and live in a sleepy little village in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. I’ve always loved my photography and started to combine it with my love of LEGO a couple of years ago.

In the beginning, I would take most of my LEGO shots outside, but have started experimenting more with building my own MOCs of late.

Switching to shooting inside has really helped me push my creativity as I learn to light the MOCs in ways that fits the story I’m trying to tell. I enjoy the challenge of lighting a scene almost as much as building it!

I don’t have a particular preference to a theme or type of Lego that I use in my photography. I love experimenting with different ones, from Star Wars to pirates! My main objective is to try to tell a story in the photos that I take. It’s not always that easy but it is something that I have tried to work on with each scene I create.

I try to use some of the techniques I’ve learned in my landscape/portrait photography (like composition, depth of field, leading lines etc) to help convey that story. I love my books and movies and take a lot of inspiration from them into my LEGO story telling.

I am assisted at times by my Lego loving cat Smudge! She’s the inspiration for the Lego cats that often appear in my shots!

I shoot with my well travelled Nikon D810. My go to lenses for most of my Lego photography is a 24-70mm or a 105mm Macro. I try to avoid too much Photoshop and tend to do as much in camera as I can. Lighting wise, if not using natural light, I use a mix of LED panels and flash heads.

Since I discovered the Brickcentral community in 2020, it has been an great source of technical learning and creative inspiration. Seeing everyone’s amazing creations is something that inspires me to reach the next level.

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