Artist spotlight: lady_brick

Every month, we pick a LEGO photographer active in our community and share some of their work and a little about themselves. This month we fly to Spain to meet lady_brick!

Hi everyone!
My name is Julia, known as Lady Brick on Instagram and I’m from Spain.

My adventure with toy photography started in 2011 when a small Wall·E arrived at home. The toys are good for practicing photography techniques, and help me to relax my mind and are a way to escape from my daily routine.

The minifigures, sets, and accessories are a source of inspiration and also an addiction. So, for this reason, now I only shoot LEGO photos.

I like making people believe that a small toy made of plastic is alive. In fact I enjoy recreating comic situations to make people smile.

I find inspiration in everyday life, watching movies and from LEGO communities on Instagram and Flickr. My favorite subjects are the minifigures, but my works includes various themes like medieval, pirates, astronauts, movies…for example, I enjoy put the stormtroopers in unusual situations.

I currently use Olympus OMD E-M10 Mark III with 30mm macro lens with a LED panel for lighting.
In my workflow, I’ll draw a sketch or write some lines just to remember the idea.

I think that details are important and for this reason, I try to collect all the things that will I need to prepare the scene.

I think about the composition and the lighting. I like to move the camera lens to the eye level of the minifigures – it helps to dive into the scene and makes it more credible.

The exclusive

For the exclusive photo I decided to recreate a typical urban garden where retirees dedicate their leisure time to care their plants and vegetables.

For the MOC (My Own Creation), I was inspired by one of the users, Marty Mocs, on Rebrickable.
The creation of this MOC was a challenge because it’s not something I usually do.
In 2024, I would like to explore this theme more. The objects around the minifig and the background together explain the story.

For the background I used part of the the back of the Downtown Dinner, just to situate the garden inside the city.

If you don’t have any sets that are ad hoc, the MOCs can help you take more realistic photos.

The story I want to tell is a simple peaceful and happiness moment for these people. Is a simple scenario with only one LED as ambient light.

I appreciate Brickcentral for providing me with the chance to display my work!

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