Artist Spotlight: foolishbricks

Every month, we pick a LEGO photographer active in our community and share some of their work and a little about themselves. This month we meet an old friend of ours and a storyteller that truly inspires me: foolishbricks!

Hi! foolishbricks here. I’m honored that the_aphol from BrickCentral asked me as this month’s artist spotlight.

I am a self-thought Lego comic creator who occasionally creates Lego photos.

In 2013, I barely knew how to turn on a camera. Over the years, I learned techniques and gained insights into visual storytelling. Also, I met dear friends, especially within the BrickCentral community. Friends who helped me realize and establish my core interest and style in Lego photography.

My motivation is to learn everything about storytelling. I love to learn visual ‘tricks’ and techniques to trigger emotions in people using visual cues. I try to utilize more or less advanced techniques in my comic and Lego photography. The one thing I always do is built all my scenes in my photos around some kind of story.

Over time, my style changed. I used to place a scene anywhere that looked interesting, hoping my lighting would work, and then I’d try to (often badly) correct everything with Photoshop.

These days I almost exclusively shoot in my basement studio, in all Lego environments. I completely control the environment and light. Now, I try to get everything right in-camera. That camera btw is a Pentax DSLR, now the K1, combined with an assortment of lenses, mostly macro of course.

I only have one enemy to my artistic aspirations, and that is time. Because of my extremely busy day job, I often can’t find the time to create. That’s why I only publish incidentally, followed by long periods of weeks or months where I’m not able to shoot photos. I need to relax to find inspiration…. And to relax, I need time.

Lastly, I know my photos are not for the masses. Yet, I hope some of you find elements they like in my photos. If you are interested you can primarily find my work on my website: where I post weekly episodes of my comic amongst other things. Occasionally, I post on Instagram (for now) and sporadically on Flickr.

Happy creating everyone!

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